Air sealing insulation in Salem, Oregon

Closing gaps and openings improves energy efficiency and saves you money

Cracks and gaps in attics can be an unfortunate and unavoidable aspect of owning a house. There are many reasons why open spaces form, and every home is susceptible to air flow that can happen in these areas. When proper air sealing is not present, the leakage of air will have a negative impact on your houses’ comfort and energy efficiency.

Our home insulation contractors in Salem, Oregon help solve these problems in your attic and home with our total air sealing services. Through the identification of gaps and openings and then sealing them, this stops air flow between the attic and your living spaces, lowering air conditioning and heating bills and also making your dwelling more efficient.

The following are common attic areas where air sealing is needed:

  • Chimney cases
  • HVAC registers, vents, and ductwork
  • Doors, drop down stairs, and access hatches
  • Plumbing and wiring that comes in through the floor
  • Ceiling fans and recessed lighting

If you are having problems with rising cooling and heating costs or rooms that are uncomfortable, contact our team today for a free estimate on quality and affordable air sealing services for your house.

Our crew delivers attic, basement, and garage insulation and air sealing service options throughout Salem and other nearby areas in Oregon.

How attic gaps impact your home

Air sealing can make huge difference with your home. The following gives a quick glance at how air gaps negatively effect your living spaces in different seasons.

Summer. Humid and hot air from outdoors moves into your attic during the summer. That is part of the reason why your attic becomes so hot and uncomfortable during the summer months. The hot air also heats up rooms below the attic. Sealing cracks and openings to the outside will stop air transfer.

Winter. Warm air naturally rises. This includes the warm air you paid to heat your home. If gaps are present in your ceilings or attic floor, warm air will leak into the attic, causing your furnace to work harder and longer to keep the house at an ideal temperature.

How we seal air gaps

So how do we seal gaps and prevent air flow for good?

The first step of sealing area is thoroughly examining and testing the attic walls, floors and ceiling to identify where leaks are present. After we know where the gaps are located, we use a special expanding insulation foam to prevent the transfer of air.

The result is a more efficient and comfortable house, and your HVAC system will not have to run as long to heat or cool your living areas.

Air sealing is a big step toward improving the comfort and value of your property. Our fully licensed and insured experts deliver all the air sealing options you need to create the best results for your house.

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